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Discover the enriching experience of online Quranic education with a premier Online Quran Learning Academy. Catering to students of all ages, both male and female worldwide, our services offer a comprehensive online Quran teaching program. Tailored to meet your individual needs, our courses for you and your children are crafted with care. With experienced Quran Tutors at the helm, we guide you through a systematic journey of Quranic study, imbued with the principles of Tajweed and foundational Islamic teachings. If you’re in search of a personal Quran tutor for yourself or your children, embark on this spiritual quest from the convenience of your home with our dedicated one-on-one Quran classes.

About Us

The School Of The Quran offers comprehensive online Quran classes designed for families, with a special focus on children’s education. Our dedicated Quran tutors are prepared to assist learners and provide instruction in Islamic studies and Quranic knowledge through the internet. We’ve crafted a wide array of Quran courses to lay the foundation of Islamic education for you and your children. Employing a blend of traditional and contemporary teaching techniques, our online Quran tutors employ innovative learning aids for our Quran classes. Discover the essential principles of Islam and master Tajweed-ul-Quran online with our pioneering Islamic courses, and witness the transformative learning experience firsthand.




The Noorani Qaida Course is tailored to accommodate both children and adults of any gender who are at the beginning of their learning journey.



The Online Quran Reading Course offers an opportunity for learners to enhance their recitation of the Quran, focusing on precision and mastery of Tajweed rules.



The Quran Memorization Course is tailored for individuals who aspire to commit the entire Quran to memory.



The Quran Translation Course aims to equip students with the ability to comprehend the Quranic verses in both Bangla and English, offering a verse-by-verse understanding.



The Rules of Tajweed Course is structured to guide both male and female students in mastering the principles of Tajweed.



The Islamic Studies for Kids Course is specifically crafted to introduce Muslim children to the fundamental concepts of Islam.

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Certainly! Here are the benefits of engaging with the Quran:

  • For every letter recited from the Quran, one is granted tenfold blessings.
  • On the Day of Judgment, the Quran serves as a testament on our behalf.
  • The Quran will act as an intercessor for us on the Day of Judgment.
  • Those who embrace the teachings of the Quran are regarded among the most virtuous.
  • Following the guidance of the Quran paves the way to eternal bliss in Paradise.

Certainly! Here’s a Islamic Duty:

  • Delving into the Quran fulfills a fundamental Islamic responsibility.
  • The Quran stands apart as the divine words of Allah, meriting meticulous contemplation beyond any other text.
  • It is incumbent upon us to assimilate the Quran’s teachings and adhere to its commandments and prohibitions.
  • Embark on a journey of Quranic and Islamic education with one of the premier online Islamic Centers.
  • Certainly! Here’s a Who is Eligible to Learn Quran Online?:

    • Our online Quran learning program is accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.
    • We utilize internet telephony software to facilitate voice conversations and share Quran lessons in real-time.
    • Participants will need to purchase a computer headset for audio communication, which is available at any electronics retailer.
    • During the live sessions, both the instructor and the student can interact verbally and view the same lesson simultaneously on their computer screens.



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Embark on Noorani Qaida Lessons from Anywhere, Anytime: Unlock the convenience of learning Noorani Qaida through our innovative online platform. Engage in personalized, one-on-one sessions with a dedicated tutor, accessible from your mobile or computer. Experience the flexibility of scheduling lessons at times that suit you, no matter where you are globally. Our live, individualized sessions foster an optimal learning atmosphere, with a teacher’s undivided attention for a full 30-minute duration. For those unable to locate a local Noorani Qaida instructor, our online learning option presents the perfect solution.

Harness the Power of the Internet for Quranic Studies: Dive into the world of digital learning with our premier online Quran classes. Discover the ease of selecting the finest virtual Quran course without the hassle of commuting. Your children can now absorb the teachings of the Quran directly from the comfort of your home, as they interact with their tutor on-screen. This is especially beneficial in western countries where parents may face challenges in imparting Quranic education. Our solution? Top-tier online Quran classes led by live, personal tutors, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Embrace this technological advancement and join our live Quran sessions from your computer, right at home.

Explore the Riches of Quranic Knowledge from Your Own Home:

At Quran Academy, we offer a diverse range of Quranic courses tailored for both children and adults within the Muslim community. Embrace the convenience of online Quran learning without the need to commute from your residence to a traditional Quranic school. Opt for a personalized Quran course, conducted by dedicated male or female instructors, designed to enhance your Quranic recitation skills. Each learner is provided with an individualized session, ensuring our tutors can devote undivided attention to every student’s learning journey.

Autonomous Online Quran Courses: Our digital Quran sessions offer the ultimate flexibility, empowering you to absorb the teachings at your preferred rhythm. Unlike conventional settings such as Masjids or Madrasas, our Self-Paced Quran Classes provide the liberty to study independently, free from the constraints of deadlines. Navigate through your spiritual education journey at a pace that suits you best. Economical and convenient, these classes eliminate the need for a personal tutor at home. Engage in tajweed practices directly online, with no requirement for textbook purchases. All necessary materials are readily accessible online. This method of self-directed Quranic study has consistently shown to foster personal growth, accountability, and self-assuredness in our students.

As the Muslim community grows worldwide, the demand for Quranic education has risen. In response, online Quran classes have emerged as a solution. These classes offer a straightforward and impactful method for studying the Quran and Islamic teachings. EQuran School is a virtual institution dedicated to providing high-quality Quranic education and Islamic learning services. For those seeking online Quran classes, EQuran School stands out as an excellent choice. We invite you to experience our teaching methods and the effectiveness of our academy through free trial classes. Our online Quran classes are exceptionally convenient, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet and our skilled and seasoned Quran instructors. With these advancements, mastering the Quran has never been more accessible.

Studying the Quran online has been simplified through platforms like Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet, guided by an Online Quran tutor. These interactive sessions are advantageous for learners of all ages. The platforms provide various tools that facilitate lesson sharing and on-screen annotation with ease. All that’s required is a stable internet connection for your online Quran lessons. This innovation offers novel methods for students and tutors to engage with one another, making it an ideal solution for remote education, particularly for Quranic studies.

Instilling Islamic principles in the young minds is a pivotal responsibility of every Muslim parent, ensuring their growth as devout followers of Islam. Recognizing the importance of early religious education, we encourage parents to commence their child’s Islamic learning journey from a tender age. While the aspiration to acquaint children with the tenets of Islam is a common thread among Muslim parents, the demands of modern life often impede their ability to undertake this task personally.

To bridge this gap, we have crafted an online sanctuary where your children can absorb the foundational teachings of Islam from the comfort of your home. Our dedicated platform offers personalized online Islamic tutoring, tailored to nurture the spiritual and moral development of your child. We are committed to endowing your children with the crucial and basic understanding of Islamic values.

For families residing in locales devoid of local Islamic educational institutions, our online Islamic school emerges as the optimal solution. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of digital Islamic learning and watch your children flourish in their faith.

Virtual Quran classes offer a flexible and personalized learning experience, catering to those who may find attending traditional Quran classes challenging. With the option to select class times that align with personal schedules, learners can now engage in Quranic studies at their convenience. Unlike conventional classroom settings where individual attention might be diluted among many, our online Quran classes guarantee one-on-one engagement with a dedicated tutor. This focused approach not only ensures full attention during each session but also significantly improves the likelihood of a student’s success, thanks to the undivided commitment from their Quran tutor.

We guarantee complete, 100% satisfaction with our Quran teaching services.

Noorani Qaida Classes

Noorani Qaida classes are scheduled for beginners of all ages, including children and adults, both male and female.

Tajweed Quran Study Sessions

Quranic Study Sessions Designed for Learners Who Have Finished the Introductory Noorani Qaida Program.


Sessions on Islamic Education

Foundational Islamic Education Sessions for Enthusiastic Learners.

Madani Qaida Classes

Madani Qaida courses give you essential Quranic Arabic, tajweed, efficient learning, and online access.

Our Pride

The Academy of the Quran is illuminating the world with the teachings of the Quran and has earned recognition as the premier online institute for Quranic education. Our academy has been a beacon of knowledge for a multitude of students, thanks to the dedication of our adept Quran instructors. Our presence is marked in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Our students express contentment with our educators and their Quranic pedagogy. A diverse roster of students has completed courses like Noorani Qaida, Quranic recitation, Quranic memorization, and Islamic Studies, and have acquired knowledge in Salat, Kalimas, Hadith, Sunnah, etiquette, and traditional supplications. We take pride in our global student body, representing a tapestry of races and cultures.

My goal is to become proficient in reciting the Quran, ensuring that my Arabic pronunciation is both fluent and accurate.

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